Why is the Summer Opportunities Fair so important?

The U.S. Department of Justice conducted a study analyzing 17 years of data on criminal activity. Overall, the study found that burglary, motor vehicle theft, household larceny, and certain types of aggravated assault rates are higher during the summer months.

While the Juvenile arrest rate is decreasing, which is in large part due to programs like InspireYouth@Work, the summer months can provide a fertile ground for young people (with idle time) to make negative life-changing decisions. With summer camps geared towards younger crowds (less than 14 years old) and many employers viewing teenagers and those in their early 20’s as “not having enough experience”, this is where the Summer Opportunities Fair plays a pivotal role. 

With so many bright, energetic, and motivated young people in our region, it is a joy to connect these individuals with summer opportunities that can have a positive impact on their future. Beyond taking on new responsibilities and learning new skills, working for the first time can profoundly shape someone’s goals and prospects for the future. As an employer, you can affect positive change in a young person’s life and catapult him or her to success.